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What is pest control?

Pest control is reducing or eliminating different types of unwanted insects and wildlife that adversely impact human activities. Pests are “controlled” through exclusion, repulsion, physical removal, and chemical, mechanical, or biological means.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects a 20 percent increase in job growth for the professional pest management industry through 2022 -- faster than the average for most other occupations. This growth indicates solid, stable employment opportunities and strong prospects for career advancement.

The professional pest management industry offers opportunities for everyone, including high school graduates who are not planning to attend college and women seeking a career track with work/life balance. If you are ready to improve other people’s lives — and in the process improve your own — join us!


Why is pest control important?

Pest Management Professionals enjoy clarity and purpose in their work.

Every day, we’re making a positive impact in the world. Pest Management Professionals (PMP’s) improve their customers’ lives in very real and important ways: from protecting the reputation of a small business person, to keeping our food supply safe, to relieving anxiety so a family can sleep soundly.

And we see the results right away … in the smile of a regular customer, the gratitude expressed when we eliminate a frightening situation, and the peace of mind our customers feel knowing our prevention techniques are keeping their homes and families safe.

What does a Pest Management Professional do?

Innovation/problem solving – Being a successful pest management professional means correctly identifying the pest, choosing the best control method for the situation, and helping the customer make the necessary changes to keep the pest from coming back.

Real responsibilities – Our Pest Management Professionals work independently to meet the needs of their customers. They are responsible for demonstrating Adam’s values, as well as solving and preventing real problems.

Variety – No day is ever the same. They face new challenges with each customer and have the authority and flexibility to solve the customer’s problem.

Not stuck in an office all day – techs are on the go solving pest problems inside and outside.

Always growing - Adam’s pest professionals are always growing in knowledge and experience. They are constantly learning more from internal company training, vendor training, field training, and state provided continuing education seminars.


A day in the life of a PMP

A work day for an Adam’s pest control technician is a busy one. The first thing most technicians do is log in to our proprietary software to check their work assignments for the day. Before leaving home, they make sure their vehicles are fully stocked with the products and tools for the jobs they have to complete that day.

Daily stops may include single-family residences or commercial businesses like apartments, warehouses, offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants. With the use of our sophisticated yet easy to use routing software, service scheduling has become much more effective. Commercial technicians primarily perform regular pest prevention for an existing customer base, while residential technicians’ appointments are scheduled by the contact center agents and include service calls on new customers who are experiencing serious or persistent pest problems.

Never bored

Because of where we live, we don’t have a predominant pest like other areas of the country (such as fire ants, termites or scorpions). Therefore, in a single day an Adam’s pest professional might prevent ants and spiders, trap mice, and fog for mosquitoes and ticks. They might be called to get rid of wood destroying insects, biting insects, harmless but annoying bugs, and pests that can introduce health risks.

Adam’s pest management professionals follow a specific protocol. First, we first talk with our customer about the pest issue and their concerns. Then we conduct a thorough examination of the infested area, carefully looking for sources and causes of the pest problem. Adam’s professionals then discuss the findings with their customers and explain the various methods that are available to solve the issue. The technicians then perform the service, which typically involves spraying an appropriate pesticide in an environmentally responsible and safe manner. Before the technicians leave the job site, they explain the services that were performed and inform their customers of steps that can be taken to prevent or minimize re-infestations.

As you can tell, being an Adam’s PMP requires many skills, including patience and empathy in dealing with customers who are often distressed about their infestations; hunting and detective skills to find the pest and its source; understanding the pest’s behavior and how to effectively treat it; and people skills to help customers understand the pests and how to prevent them.

At the end of the day you will likely return home tired from a job that can be challenging at times. But you will also feel satisfaction and pride in a job well done, knowing that you truly helped your customers. You will look forward to tomorrow and the unique challenges the day will bring; confident in your ability and the support of the entire Adam’s team.

Pest Management Professional Qualifications

Ability and desire to learn

Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and are required to pass certification examinations.

Whether you have many years of pest management experience or none at all, you will receive extensive training and support to prepare you to pass the exams.

Adam’s training process begins with one-on-one classroom training with our entomologist, Dr. Mohammed El Damir, BCE. In this training you will learn about the biology and habits of common pests, laws governing the pest control industry, and other subjects included in the certification exams. Don’t be concerned with taking the exams. Dr. El Damir has an impressive track record for preparing technicians to pass the exams.

Once licensed, your supervisor will show you Adam’s way of doing business with hands-on field training.

Your training does not end once you are assigned a route. Adam's provides continuing education through regular training meetings and online training modules. You will attend the Minnesota state pest conference each spring. You will also be encouraged and given a significant monetary incentive to complete and pass Purdue University's Pest Control Technology online and correspondence courses. With experience, additional courses will be made available to you.

Ability to work independently

Adam’s PMPs typically operate out of their trucks and from their homes throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. This allows our PMPs to be closer to their customers for better response times and more efficient service delivery. Adam’s provides you with a truck and all the tools and equipment necessary to provide the services.

Ability to build relationships

Providing technically sound and consistent services is only one aspect of what it takes to be a successful Adam’s PMP. You should also be able to develop relationships with your customers – some of whom may be distressed over their pest problem. Being comfortable talking with your customers -- explaining the service you provided and how the customer can prevent the problem from recurring-- is an important skill you should have. You also should be able to work independently and be organized.
In short, you should:

      • Have the eyes of a hunter

      • Have the mind of a detective

      • Like to help people

      • Like variety

      • Like to learn

      • Be self motivated

      • Be responsible

      • Be looking for opportunities to advance

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