Zeece, Steve



Ext: #823

Where did you grow up?

Born and raised in the St. Paul suburbs of Maplewood, Little Canada, Roseville.

What did you do before Adam’s?

My previous position was with parts and service at my family's business, L-Z Truck Equipment in St. Paul.

Tell us about your family

I spent my entire childhood and teenage years catching any animal I could. They were all my pets. Aquariums and fish have always been my obsession and at one point I had nearly 600 gallons between numerous tanks. I now stick to primarily trout and muskie fishing to feed my obsession.

What is your favorite food/restaurant

Steak, cake, Buffalo Wild Wings (Hot BBQ boneless wings)

If you could try anything and not fail (and money was not an object) what dream would you attempt?

I would travel the world in search of epically proportioned fish.

Tell us about how you enjoy your free time/hobbies

I was raised on dinosaur/monster/alien movies and enjoy them to this day. In other words, I like watching giant monsters fight and terrorize people. I also enjoy fishing, hunting, watching MN Twins, Vikings.

What do you hope to do when you are retired, and where would you like to be located?

Fish. Plain and simple. Fish. In Minnesota.