Common Winter Invaders

With the cold season upon us, a growing number of pests are frantically looking to survive, which means seeking out shelter, food, and water. As a result, homeowners are under invasion as these winter pests make their way indoors. The most common winter invaders are mice, rats, spiders, and stink bugs.

Mice - A mouse can act like a contortionist, squeezing and bending their bodies to get into houses through openings as small as 1/4 of an inch. Once inside mice reproduce quickly, and before you know it - your house can be overrun with mice. Not only are they destructive to property, building nests and chewing on wood and furniture, but mice present a health hazard through their bites, urine, and feces.

Rats - Slightly larger than the common house mouse, rats are rodents that destroy property by chewing electrical wires and building nests in walls and under appliances and leave a trail of potentially hazardous excrement. Both mice and rats thrive in the many nooks and unused spaces a house offers for nesting.

Spiders - While spiders are often thought of as beneficial pests because they eat other household pests, most people don’t want to share their homes with a bunch of creepy, crawly spiders. One of the most unfortunate things about spiders is that they often enter homes while hunting other pests that have come before them.

Stink bugs - Another nuisance pest, stink bugs don’t transmit diseases to humans or pets, nor do they cause damage in homes. Still, they are unsightly, and like their name suggests, can cause quite a nasty odor in your home. Stink bugs will sometimes leave stains on curtains and walls and can invade your home in large numbers, which they do simply to survive the low temperatures.

Ideally, homeowners will take steps before winter to prevent invaders, as pests commonly start looking for shelter during the fall and winter seasons. The National Pest Management Association makes the following recommendations for preventing pests from getting into our homes in the winter:

  • Keep holes and cracks on the outside of the home sealed

  • Repair window screens

  • Keep boxes and storage items off the floor and reduce clutter to give rats and mice fewer places to hide

  • Keep shrubbery and branches trimmed back away from the home

  • Keep firewood stacked 20 feet or more away from the home and if possible, five feet above the ground

  • Call professional pest control services if you suspect a pest infestation

For the best results, put in place a year-round pest control program from Adam’s Pest Control to not only prevent these common winter invaders, but to keep your home pest free all year long. Our licensed technicians will treat your home each season for the most common pests, eliminating existing infestations and preventing new pests from getting inside.