Enjoy A Pest-Free 2018

Do you have household pests that keep appearing? Do overwintering pests crawl in your curtains in the fall and winter? Are rodents leaving droppings in the backs of your drawers and cabinets every now and then? Is the occasional cockroach something you've been living with? No home is better with pests. Bugs and rodents aren't just annoying, they can damage your belongings, eat away at the equity in your home, bite, sting, and make you sick. But, you don't have to live with them. Here's how you can get pest-free in the new year.


The secret to having a pest-free home is creating the conditions outside your home that reduce the chances that bugs, rodents, and other animals will get in.

  • If you have fewer pests next to your home, you'll have fewer pests exploring your home for entry points to exploit.

  • Moisture lures many bugs in close to your exterior walls. Fix gutters, leaky spigots, compacted soil, excessive shade, and other conditions that let water collect.

  • Many insects are attracted to light. Drawing your curtains at night and keeping your exterior lights off, will reduce insects.

  • Reducing one pest helps to reduce others. For example: when you have fewer insects, you'll have fewer spiders.

  • An open trash is an invitation to a wide range of pests.


Pest activity around your home is inevitable. While reducing pests is helpful, you'll still need to make sure you have a good barrier to keep them out.

  • Fix or replace damaged screens, weather-stripping, and door sweeps.

  • Fill holes, gaps, and cracks in your foundation wall and exterior walls.

  • Put wire mesh in your downspouts to prevent rodents from crawling up to your vulnerable roofline.

  • Cut tree branches back to prevent wildlife from using them as a bridge.

Finish Your Barrier

There are some things only a pest control technician can do--or should do--to make sure your barrier is complete.

  • Bugs are small. A sprayed treatment is often needed to fully seal them out. Since pesticides can be harmful, it is best to have a professional apply treatments to vulnerable locations.

  • If you have a location that prevents an examination of your exterior walls, or the sealing of potential entry points, like a deck, patio, porch, or similar structure, it may be necessary to use baits and other inventive solutions to keep targeted pests out. A professional has the education to do this effectively.

  • Pests leave signs. It is important to recognize these signs. When you have routine inspections from someone who knows what to look for, there is a better chance that pests will be kept out of your home.

We hope you'll choose to partner with a pest control company in the new year and enjoy all the benefits of having a pest-free home. If you're in our Minnesota service area, reach out to Adam's Pest Control and let out QualityPro Certified team help you get your barrier in place today.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Adam's Pest Control!