Starling Prevention Tips

What do you think of when someone says the word starling? Do you think of the variety of plumage these birds can have? Do you imagine feeding french fries to a few dozen of them dancing around outside your car window? Does an image of a telephone wire lined with tiny birds come into your mind? Probably. If you don't have to deal with the frustrations these birds can cause, it is likely that you may have many good thoughts about starlings. After all, they are amazing creatures, especially when they get into a massive flock that fills the sky with a black, undulating cloud of flapping birds. But, sadly, starlings can become significant pests when they come into our yards, and roost on our property.

Starling Prevention

  • Starlings come onto our property in search of food. If you don't want starlings to live on your property, it is best to not leave food out for them. Keep in mind that what these birds consider to be food is different than what you would eat. They are quite content to feed on items inside your trash. Be sure to keep all trash secured in sealed containers.

  • Starlings also need a drink. If you have a water source in your yard, they'll take advantage of it. One common watering hole starlings enjoy is pooled water created by a clogged gutter system. It is important to keep all gutter systems free of obstructions if you want to make your home less inviting to these and other pest birds.

  • The third reason starlings come into our yards is to find a place to roost. There are many locations on man-made structures that provide ideal roosting. Consider cutting tree branches back from these areas to make them less attractive for roosting, and seal any holes that could invite starlings in to roost.

  • Starlings are territorial birds. Once they choose your property, they will be hard to get rid of. But, before they settle in, it is possible to scare them away with loud or disturbing noises.

  • Before a starling roosts, it will perch on horizontal surfaces. Your goal should be to make those surfaces undesirable. This can be done with wire, birds spikes, or some other physical deterrent.

At Adam's Pest Control, we have a wide range of control products that address pest birds. If you need openings protected, we can install netting and wire mesh to keep those birds out. If you need deterrents, like bird-slides and bird spikes, we can install them where they need to be. If the only solution is to use non-toxic gels, liquids, fogs, or paste to make bird feel unwelcome, we can do that too. We are a full-service bird control company. Reach out to us today for immediate service, and "almost immediate" relief from the frustrations of starlings and other pest birds.