Tired Of Woodchucks Digging Up Your Lawn?

You can call them woodchucks or groundhogs but it isn’t going to change the fact that the presence of these animals is going to create problems and bring disaster to your gardens. Anyone who ignores the signs of the presence of woodchucks on their property are asking for trouble and creating a sure guarantee for disaster.

While woodchucks prefer the dry soils of open woodlands, farmlands, and field edges, they have also been known to adapt to a more urban environment and have been found living in city parks, golf courses, and gardens. Burrows suddenly becoming visible are perhaps the most common indicator of woodchucks moving into the area. These burrows can be spotted in fields, along fencerows and stone walls, alongside foundations, and even at the base of trees. These burrows can be up to five feet deep and more than sixty feet long. These multipurpose burrows are used for winter hibernation, mating in the spring, and raising their young until around the first or second week of July at which time they are removed from the burrow and learn to survive on their own.

To minimize the damage that woodchucks can cause is also a mistake. Their affinity for flowers and vegetables can cause extensive damage to gardens, nurseries, and orchards. Farmers have experienced damage to soybeans, alfalfa, and other such crops. Woodchuck burrows have also caused safety issues with livestock stepping into woodchuck holes. These woodchuck burrows going under driveways have caused drives and parking lots to collapse or cave in. Woodchucks are also known to transport ticks and fleas, and they will fight with dogs.

There is no question that the potential damage from woodchucks is more than enough for homeowners and landowners to contact their pest control specialist. Adams Pest Control specialists are trained and equipped to get rid of woodchucks quickly and efficiently. Our licensed technicians are proud of their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and friendly service.

Adams Pest Control provides every pest management professional with extensive classroom and field training. Each PMP is fully licensed and certified before going out on his own. These pest professionals are trained to strategically place live traps in the right places to humanely trap and remove the woodchuck from your property. Adams Pest Control has made quality service our number one priority since 1971; and we maintain that commitment by annually investing in state of the art technology and innovative techniques.

We have never met a woodchuck yet (or any other pest, for that matter) that we could not manage. If woodchucks are tearing up your yard, give us a call to see how we can safely and effectively eliminate them for you.