Food Processing

An Effective, Fully Documented Pest Control Program for Food Safety

Adam’s provides pest management services specifically designed for food manufacturing and processing plants, food warehouses and distribution facilities, and grocery stores and food retailers.  Our proactive, six-step program prevents cockroaches, flies, other insects, rodents, and birds from threatening the safety and quality of your product.

  • Designed to maintain compliance with FDA and USDA guidelines, as well as local health codes
  • Specially trained technicians follow detailed, written procedures
  • Treatment protocol is written and monitored by our full-time, Ph.D. entomologist
  • Accurate, up-to-date documentation of each inspection and treatment performed
  • Reports are stored electronically and are quickly available to your QA Department in many different formats

Specially trained Pest Management Professionals - Your Adam’s technician and his or her supervisor are food specialists. They are experienced, Master Certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, hold a Fumigator License, are Purdue University Pest Control Technology Certified and Purdue Food Plant Pest Management Certified, and are AIB Certified Quality Control Sanitarians, which means they are excellent at inspection, communication, and documentation.


Adam’s is taking the "guesswork" out your pest management service program with a higher level of service verification that will also allow you to establish customized service standards for each pest management control point. Adam’s integrates Quality Enhancing Technology to ensure that each pest management control point (bait station, trap, Insect Light Trap, inspection points, etc.) at your facility is monitored during each service.


Adam’s uses a multifaceted approach to preventing and solving pest problems with the lowest environmental impact techniques and product selection practical. Adam’s is proud to be certified by the National Pest Management Association as an environmentally-responsible pest management company.