Pest Control for Hotels/Motels

Adam's not only offers fast response times, but also fast results.

We know visiting guests won't return if their rooms have pests, such as ants, mice, or worse, bed bugs. We also know how important it is for you to get that room back in service quickly after a complaint.

Therefore, Adam’s offers a wide variety of exclusion and prevention practices tailored for the hospitality industry. Our highly trained, professional technicians will inspect your facility and prepare an effective prevention program that’s tailored to your hotel/motel.

Bait and sprays are effective, but at Adam’s Pest Control we believe that to really eliminate a pest you need to correctly treat its breeding grounds, entry points, and flyways/runways. Our full-time staff entomologist works with our professional field technicians to effectively take care of the source of your pest problem with prevention, exclusion, and treatments.

Bed Bug Education

Bed Bugs? Send in the Adam's A-Team.

As Minnesota’s leading bed bug experts, Adam's has the expertise and equipment to completely rid your rooms of bed bugs. The Adam’s A-team is a dedicated bed bug response unit made up of specially trained, licensed professionals who perform heat treatments at multiple sites every day. Our certified canine inspection teams use specially trained dogs to quickly and accurately detect bed bugs, especially small and early infestations. 

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