Adams came out and sprayed for bugs two days after a snowstorm, the snow had melted, but sitting water was iced. they charged me 137 dollars to spray. for what? their own profit. I told the tech to stop talking and leave as he was trying to explain to me how the too early spraying is still good. good for their bottom line, but not for me. shame on you Adams.
-Tom Figliuzziin the last week
Dave Freitag has been my expert in pest controls for over 15 + years. At all the churches and non-profits I have been involved with--Adams Pest Control & Dave Freitag have been with me. I highly recommend using Adams & Dave for any pest problems. Experience/knowledge counts & Dave has it.
-Thomas Flood2 weeks ago
Dave Freitag has been our pest controls expert for over 12 years. I highly recommend using Adams & Dave for any pest problems. Dave's experience/knowledge is the best! Thank you Dave!!
-Gasthof ZGa week ago
Within an hour on Memorial Day weekend I had left a vm on after hours number, spoke to manager, and scheduled a technician to come out. Tech called once in route, arrived as estimated and addressed issue with a positive attitude and plenty of information about what we were dealing with.
-Landon Weningera week ago
Oscar has been amazing to work with! He is the best tech I’ve worked with in working with Adam’s for about 2 years. He consistently goes above and beyond. Oscar is easy to schedule with, communicate with, very detailed and professional.
-Lisa Deslauriers3 months ago