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Established in 1971 and with more than 100 employees, Adam’s provides pest management and lawn services to residential and commercial customers throughout Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and the eastern Dakotas. Adam's Pest Control's main office is located in Medina, with branch offices located in the Brainerd Lakes Area and Rochester. Technicians are located throughout our service area.

Join the Adam’s Family

  • A career – not a job

  • Generous compensation & benefits

  • Stable company – 50 years of continuous growth

  • Growing industry – opportunities for advancement

  • Family-owned – everyone knows your name

  • College degree not required

  • All necessary training and support provided

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Adam's Offers Generous Compensation and Benefits

  • Paid training
  • Paid time off
  • Health care plans for you and your family
  • 401(k) Plan with company match
  • Hourly/ salary + commission incentives for new sales
  • Ongoing training throughout the year
  • Start and end your day at home with a provided company vehicle; all expenses covered*
  • Pay increase for completing advanced training*
  • Pay increase for earning your Master Pest Control license*
  • An initial set of uniforms and an ongoing yearly uniform allowance*
  • A shared cell phone plan and all of the tools and equipment you will need*
*Applicable to Technician positions

Learn more, schedule an informational interview today.

Adam’s offers online informational interviews that let you get to know our company and culture. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and discover if a career in pest control is right for you.

A Career in Pest Management

What is pest control?

Pest control is reducing or eliminating different types of unwanted insects and wildlife that adversely impact human activities. Pests are “controlled” through exclusion, repulsion, physical removal, and chemical, mechanical, or biological means.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects a 20 percent increase in job growth for the professional pest management industry through 2022 -- faster than the average for most other occupations. This growth indicates solid, stable employment opportunities and strong prospects for career advancement.

The professional pest management industry offers opportunities for everyone, including high school graduates who are not planning to attend college and women seeking a career track with work/life balance. If you are ready to improve other people’s lives — and in the process improve your own — join us!

Why is pest control important?

Pest Management Professionals enjoy clarity and purpose in their work.

Every day, we’re making a positive impact in the world. Pest Management Professionals (PMP’s) improve their customers’ lives in very real and important ways: from protecting the reputation of a small business person, to keeping our food supply safe, to relieving anxiety so a family can sleep soundly.

And we see the results right away … in the smile of a regular customer, the gratitude expressed when we eliminate a frightening situation, and the peace of mind our customers feel knowing our prevention techniques are keeping their homes and families safe.


Pest Management is a Great Career for Women

Women who love learning, helping others, and are seeking a rewarding career that offers flexibility are discovering the benefits of being a pest management professional. No prior experience? No problem. We’ll teach you everything you need to know and give you all the hands-on experience you need to be successful. Most of our best technicians had never considered a career in pest management before applying. Want to learn more? Set up an on-line informational interview to explore the possibilities.

Adam’s has a strong commitment to supporting women in professional pest management. We are proud to sponsor the Professional Women in Pest Management (PWIPM), an affiliate group of the National Pest Management Association whose mission is to attract, develop and support women in the pest management industry through educational programs, resources, and peer networking. Adam’s helped to start and is active in the local PWIPM chapter.

What does a Pest Management Professional do?

Innovation/problem solving – Being a successful pest management professional means correctly identifying the pest, choosing the best control method for the situation, and helping the customer make the necessary changes to keep the pest from coming back.

Real responsibilities – Our Pest Management Professionals work independently to meet the needs of their customers. They are responsible for demonstrating Adam’s values, as well as solving and preventing real problems.

Variety – No day is ever the same. They face new challenges with each customer and have the authority and flexibility to solve the customer’s problem.

Get to be outdoors – If you’re not one who wants to be stuck in an office all day, then a Pest Management Professional might be the right career for you. Our techs are on the go, solving pest problems inside and outside.

Always growing - Adam’s pest professionals are always growing in knowledge and experience. They are constantly learning more from internal company training, vendor training, field training, and state provided continuing education seminars.

Pest Management Professional Qualifications

Ability and desire to learn 

Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and are required to pass certification examinations.

Whether you have many years of pest management experience or none at all, you will receive extensive training and support to prepare you to pass the exams.

Your training does not end once you are assigned a route. Adam's provides continuing education through regular training meetings and online training modules. 

Ability to work independently

Adam’s PMPs typically operate out of their trucks and from their homes throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. This allows our PMPs to be closer to their customers for better response times and more efficient service delivery. Adam’s provides you with a truck and all the tools and equipment necessary to provide the services.

Ability to build relationships

Providing technically sound and consistent services is only one aspect of what it takes to be a successful Adam’s PMP. You should also be able to develop relationships with your customers – some of whom may be distressed over their pest problem. Being comfortable talking with your customers about the service you provided and how the customer can prevent the problem from recurring is an important skill you should have.

In short, you should:

  • Have the eyes of a hunter
  • Have the mind of a detective
  • Like to help people
  • Like variety
  • Like to learn
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be responsible
  • Be looking for opportunities to advance

A Day in the Life of a Technician

A work day for an Adam’s pest management professional is an active one. The first thing most technicians do is log into our proprietary software to check their work assignments for the day. Before leaving home, they make sure their vehicles are fully stocked with the products and tools for the jobs they have to complete that day.

Daily stops may include single-family residences or commercial businesses like apartments, warehouses, offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants. With the use of our sophisticated, yet easy to use routing software, service scheduling has become much more effective. Commercial technicians primarily perform regular pest prevention for an existing customer base, while residential technicians’ appointments are scheduled by the contact center agents and may include service calls on new customers who are experiencing serious or persistent pest problems.

Never bored.  

Because of where we live, we don’t have a predominant pest like other areas of the country (such as fire ants, termites, or scorpions). Therefore, in a single day an Adam’s pest professional might prevent ants and spiders, trap mice, and fog for mosquitoes and ticks. They might be called to get rid of wood destroying insects, or harmless but annoying bugs, and pests that can introduce health risks.

Adam’s pest management professionals follow a specific protocol. First, we talk with our customer about the pest issue and their concerns. Then we conduct a thorough examination of the infested area, carefully looking for sources and causes of the pest problem. Adam’s professionals then discuss the findings with their customers and explain the various methods that are available to solve the issue. The technicians then perform the service, which typically involves spraying an appropriate pesticide in an environmentally responsible and safe manner. Before the technicians leave the job site, they explain the services that were performed and inform their customers of steps that can be taken to prevent or minimize re-infestations.

As you can tell, being an Adam’s PMP requires many skills, including patience and empathy in dealing with customers who are often distressed about their infestations; hunting and detective skills to find the pest and its source; understanding the pest’s behavior and how to effectively treat it; and people skills to help customers understand the pests and how to prevent them.

At the end of the day, you will likely feel satisfaction and pride in a job well done, knowing that you truly helped your customers. You will look forward to tomorrow and the unique challenges the day will bring; confident in your ability and the support you get from the entire Adam’s team.

All the Training You Need to be Sucessful

We want you to succeed. 

No matter which position you take with Adam’s, we want you to be a success. That’s why every year since 1971, Adam’s has invested in advanced training and state-of-the-art technology and equipment. 

Adam’s founder always said he’d rather spend more money on training and less money on lawyers. And that philosophy continues to this day. Our legacy of investing in training, a willingness to evaluate and improve our training, and expanding our training to accommodate our growth through new innovations, like our interactive training library, help Adam’s maintain our consistent excellent customer service that is second to none.

New Employee Training

Every new employee attends an orientation session. The orientation includes a presentation on Adam’s Mission, Vision, and Values and an introduction to our corporate culture based on our company motto: “To Be the Best, We Must Do the Best!” 

Technical Training

We believe our technicians can better control a pest if they have a thorough knowledge of its biology and habits. Correctly identifying the pest is fundamental to eliminating it from a home or business. Knowing how it forages for food, where it lives, and its reproductive habits often allow us to not only treat the presenting problem, but also the cause.

Adam’s training process for technicians begins with one-on-one classroom training with our in-house entomologist, Dr. Mohammed El Damir, BCE. In this training you will learn about the biology and habits of common pests, laws governing the pest control industry, and other subjects included in the certification exams. Don’t be concerned with taking the exams. Dr. El Damir has an impressive track record for preparing technicians to pass the exams.

Once licensed, your supervisor will show you Adam’s way of doing business with hands-on field training.

Adam’s commitment to better trained technicians using the latest, industry-proven techniques means faster, better solutions to our customers’ pest problems.

Adam’s commitment to training does not stop once our techs are licensed.

Your training does not end once you are assigned a route. Your manager, Dr. El Damir, and your fellow technicians will support you in the field by helping you solve unfamiliar pest problems and answering any questions you may have. Adam's provides continuing education through regular training meetings and online training modules. You will attend the Minnesota state pest conference each spring. You will also be encouraged and given a significant monetary incentive to complete and pass online and correspondence courses. With experience, additional courses will be made available to you. 

What it is like to work at Adams

Whether you join Adam’s as a Pest Management Professional or as a member of our internal support team, your hard work will matter and will be appreciated. Adam’s offers the flexibility to contribute with an emphasis on getting tasks done well and on time, rather than how you complete a task. Productivity, engagement, and delivering high quality work are what matter at Adam’s Pest Control.

Moreover, every Adam’s Pest Control employee has...

  • Opportunity to work on challenging and complex problems
  • Access to relevant new technologies
  • Opportunities to work in teams
  • The respect of his/her colleagues
  • Coaching and mentorship opportunities
  • A trusted manager who is invested and interested in their professional and personal development
  • Access to multiple career tracks

We have fun, too!

Popcorn Thursdays, Get Active, Biggest Loser (weight loss competition), Virtual Happy Hour, Christmas in July, Walk for the Animals, and Toys for Tots are just a few examples of the many regular employee appreciation and engagement activities at Adam’s Pest Control. But most of all, it is our culture of respect for one another that fosters the comradery and enjoyment we have coming to work.


Adam’s 50th Anniversary Cookbook

Adam’s employees shared their favorite recipes in a fun, new cookbook. Sales of the cookbook benefit the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf in Minneapolis (www.joyceuptownfoodshelf.org). The cookbook is one of 50 ways we’re celebrating our golden anniversary this year.

What Employees Say About Working at Adam’s: 

“What I like best about working at Adam's is the respect I am given as an employee. My supervisors trust me to do my job correctly and are great at communicating. I also love the autonomy. The ability to work simultaneously as an individual and as a team creates high job satisfaction. My favorite part of the job is when I can create harmony with the customer to eradicate pests and when everyone feels they are getting a good deal.”

-Evan Rollo, Technician

“I enjoy meeting new customers, building relationships, educating them on pests and how to fix or prevent the problem, and making them happy. I also enjoy the freedom of being my own manager and being responsible for all my equipment, vehicle, and route; and the independence of the job but knowing I have outstanding support staff, supervisors, technicians, and resources at my disposal to get the job done professionally. I like the feeling of coming home exhausted from working a hard day, but knowing I accomplished something and helped somebody with a problem. I like that I get a great feeling of accomplishment from this job. It is especially gratifying when a customer is very happy with my service and lets me know by calling the company or recommending me to other people.”
-Josh Walden, Technician

“What I like best about working at Adam's is the flexibility in scheduling. It gives me the ability to have a work/life balance that benefits my whole family. I also like that I wake up looking forward to going to work. I get to spend my day helping solve homeowners’ pest concerns; and I feel a sense of fulfillment when I leave a service knowing I have helped our customers.”
-Craig Clement, Residential Service Manager

“One of the best career decisions I have ever made is becoming part of the Adams team. I feel appreciated and that I can have an impact here. Leadership genuinely cares and works hard to make sure I am successful as the company and I continue to grow. It is very rewarding to be able to work closely with my team and to be able to provide industry-leading tools, comprehensive training, and advanced technology to service our customers more effectively than most other service providers.”
-Jeff Katzenberger, Chief Operating Officer

“The best part of coming to work each day is the people I work with. Everyone on Adam's team -- from administration to technicians to management -- share the same common goal of supporting each other. I have never worked for a more wonderful company that makes you feel like you are part of a "family" that cares for one another and helps each other succeed. As someone who is not a fan of monotony, I find my career choice very satisfying. The pest management industry is constantly evolving with service techniques, products, and policies. Every day I meet different people as I go throughout my day. But the best part of my job is the ongoing opportunity I have to improve myself, our technicians, our company, and even our industry as a whole.”
- Chloe Lindquist, Human Resources Coordinator

“Adam’s is a great organization for personal growth and development. I started here over 30 years ago as the receptionist. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to learn new skills and to take on more responsibilities. The owners and other managers are really terrific people. They are honest, respectful, and have been very good to me. I like the people I work with; everyone is friendly and supportive. I’d recommend working at Adam’s.”
-Patty Weinand, Accounts Processor

More about Adams Pest Control

Our Values

Respect: Demonstrating courtesy toward others while recognizing their rights and wishes
Integrity: Consistently meeting high moral principles and professional standards
Service: Helpful activities resulting in outstanding customer satisfaction 
Excellence: Constant and never-ending improvement of the ways we do business
Growth: Stretching to reach higher corporate and personal development goals
Stability: Measured and predictable response to change and market opportunities

A Workplace Culture of Learning, Improving, and Growing

Adam’s company culture emphasizes respect and integrity, encourages collaboration, and recognizes each employee's strengths to make our company more productive and efficient.

  • We encourage and create opportunities for lifelong learning. 
  • We celebrate personal development, as well as learning skills that can be used in your job.
  • We support a healthy work-life balance.
  • We have proactive policies on equality and diversity.

A Reputation You Can be Proud of

The reputation of the company you work for matters. And you can be proud to say you work for Adam’s Pest Control. As one of the largest and most well-known local pest control companies in our area, your friends and family are probably already familiar with our brand. We are known for our professionalism and expertise, our past success, and our community involvement. Adam’s employees regularly serve in positions of leadership in the state and national pest control organizations; and local news agencies look for Adam’s to share its expertise and accurate pest information.

Adam’s also enjoys a reputation for giving back to the community. Adam’s Cares is an internal program that financially supports charities that are important to our employees. In addition, Adam’s supports many local, national and international nonprofit organizations, including local community events and sports teams, the Animal Humane Society, the University of Minnesota Dept. of Entomology, Toys for Tots, and Nothing But Nets.

A Tradition of Growth and Stability

Adam’s has grown each year since 1971. Adam’s management team guides our growth with an even-handed, long-term perspective that results in a financially sound and stable business. Steady growth and financial stability benefit every employee with security, peace of mind, and new opportunities. Anyone who has worked at a company with rocky financial performance can tell you, Adam’s stability enables you to better plan your personal life and financial situation, as well as achieve your personal career goals.

A Legacy of Innovation

Innovation stimulates growth and expands opportunities. We believe to stay competitive in an ever-changing world, we must constantly innovate, challenge the norms, and encourage new ideas. We call this philosophy our Constant and Never-ending Improvement - or CANI -- process. We welcome you to be part of Adam’s ongoing quest to be the best.

Innovation is in Adam’s DNA. We have a long history of innovation beginning with creating a device that snapped onto the bottom of a one-gallon compressed air sprayer and was designed to carry tools and insecticide refills -- and the Fireplace Animal Rescue Unit, used to catch small animals in chimneys. Adam’s was also the first pest control company in Minnesota - and one of the first in the country - to use heat to kill bed bugs; and was the first pest control company in Minnesota with two nationally certified bed bug detection dogs.

Adam’s Demonstrates its Environmental Consciousness

At first, environmental consciousness and conservancy may seem inconsistent with a pest management company, but not when that company is Adam’s Pest Control. As an early adopter of Integrated Pest Management, Adam’s was the first pest control company in the nation to offer GreenPro-certified services under the National Pest Management Association’s new, higher standards.

It also shouldn’t be surprising that Adam’s is an advocate for protecting bees and other pollinators. We championed getting the local ordinances changed to allow beekeeping on commercial properties. Adam’s began beekeeping in June, 2019 when we first introduced approximately 12,000 bees to their new hive. The hive is located in the rear corner of Adam’s property with access to a large wetlands area and nearby farms.